My Classes

 I am offering you the unique experience to grow your practice with ONE-ON-ONE INSTRUCTION!!!
Price is 100 soles per class (at your home). 

Cost of the first class is only 50 soles.

-Classes are appropriate for all levels of experience. 
Flexibility is not required—but will increase with these classes and your own practice. 

Relax and relieve stress with my method of Yoga Integral through the use of controlled breathing, postures, movements and sounds,
-Each yoga session last 1,1/2 hours and will focus on breath techniques, asanas (postures), increasing flexibility, and stress relief through deep relaxation and meditation.

You will learn to focus your mind and body to create inner harmony and good health.


yoga for beginners said...

i found your blog on google.. Im really impressed with the topics you have..
Ya, Exercise is very important in person's life in order to be physically fit and have a good health. One of this exercise which help us to be physically fit is the yoga. Exercise is one of the besty weapon also against illnesses and depression.

yoga for beginners

alejandra said...

Hola Yovita!!! Vi tu link al blog en el FB de Hot yoga lima, me interesa me digas si puedo tomar clases en grupo de 2 a personas. Prefiero que hacerlo yo sola, me motiva mas. MAndame mas informacion de tus espacios y horarios.

Thomas Fincher said...

True enough, yoga is not just a physical activity. It attempts to achieve wellness in spirit too. Similarly, practices like Theta healing connects the individual to his creator. Prayer and meditation is the key to be in touch with ones spirituality. The conscious effort to find inner peace can result to a healthier body too.

Very informative post. Thanks!

Yoga Certification said...

I am hopeful that yoga classes are going to benefit all the students.Being a yoga teacher myself i always prefer encouraging others to spread this gift to others.

Yovita Ivanova said...

In a memory of a dear teacher, B.K.S. Iyengar...
"Remember that in self-realization there is culmination. Probably you have heard something different-that the infinite cannot be seen or reached by the infinite. But we have only finite means to know the infinite. When the finite merges in the infinite, everything becomes infinite."
The Tree of Yoga

Monalisha Biswal said...

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Adventure Yoga Travels said...

private yoga lesson at your home is the best way to learn yoga in a perfect manner. Thanks for sharing such wonderful information with us.

Monalisha Biswal said...

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Shivani G said...

Thanks for sharing this excellent blog about yoga. keep blogging!!!

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