Students testimonials

"I have been doing Yoga with Yovita for just a few weeks but have practice Yoga for more than 4 years and Tao for over 18 years, so Yoga was not a new thing for me. However, Yovita has shown me a new way of experiencing this internal trip to self-realization, where styles and forms are broght together in a creative and flexible manner (eclectic in the best sense of the term) so as to easy once mind without disregarding the physical exercise. One of the most remarkable features of Yovita's approach is her rigor when it comes to correct the postures, which she does in such a gentle manner that is never intrusive or excessively demanding. In oing than, she never forgets to keep a close eyes on one's breathing and Relaxation."
Coco Elgegren/ Surya Shankara Miraflores, April 2009

“Studying with Yovita has greatly enriched my knowledge of and appreciation for yoga. Her integrated approach – mixing different postures with breathing techniques -has helped me develop a program tailored to my specific needs and goals. As an instructor, she is truly top-notch, at once understanding andpatient while also disciplined and demanding. I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone looking to achieve a sense of balance –both mental and physical – through yoga.”  
Paul Melton

 “The quality of time and space that Yovita offers us in our class of yoga creates the healthy spiritual environment necessary for us to grow - through her, and at the same time, with her. From the fundamentals of learning how to breathe to the essentials of traveling through our minds, Yovita has become our guide,and most important, our friend”.  
Guida de Gastelumendi andAnamaria McCarthy

"Yovita is a master teacher. I enjoy both group classes and private practice with Yovita. Her technique and approach is suited for beginners or advanced students as well as the occasional yoga practictioner. She uses creative methods to inspire her students and introduce them to various styles of yoga. She fosters an environment for awareness of the more spiritual aspects of yoga practice or focus for the students who just want to concentrate on the physical changes realized with a yoga practice. I highly recommend studying with Yovita. Even if you are in Lima for a business trip or holidays just drop in for a class – it is an enjoying and satisfying experience."
Cody Ingam

"Yoga is an integral part of my life, one that I achingly miss when I let my practice slide. Before moving to Lima, I had been living in Washington, D.C where I had regularly practiced yoga. My ashtanga and jivamukti classes anchored my life, and I would even wake up at 8:00 on Saturday just to attend my favorite teacher's class. Yoga was more than just a good physical workout; it centered me in a way that I had never thought possible. Leaving my beloved studio and regular routine behind for Lima was, therefore, a jarring and emotionally painful experience. Luckily, a friend recommended Yovita. Her classes have helped me rediscover my center, and she has "brushed the dust off" my asanas. I am thrilled to have found a yoga refuge in what can be a very chaotic city!" 
Sarah McCune

 “Tengo el placer de tomar clases con Yovita, una verdadera maestra que brinda todo lo que sabe con desapego y sencillez. Se notan sus años de estudio en la India y la información que maneja es de tan buena calidad que escucharla es un lujo y un placer. Yovita me ha hecho entender qué era eso de “meterme dentro de la postura”, un concepto que tenía claro en mi mente pero que no lograba realizar. Su preocupación por darme lo que necesitaba la llevó a explicarme las cosas con tanta dulzura y sabiduría que durante esa clase, que hizo pensando en mis necesidades, encontré el camino que espero me lleve a descubrir cómo dar un paso más en mi práctica. Mi experiencia fue totalmente distinta y sé que voy por buen camino. ¡Gracias!”  
Marianne Blanco Dejardin

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