My classes

 I am offering you the unique experience TO GROW YOUR PRACTICE WITH ONE-ON-ONE INSTRUCTION!!!

My classes are in/house, private or semi-private classes (max. 2 people). 

Price is 100 soles per class.

So you would like to do some Yoga? Good decision!
However, before you get in there and start practicing yoga moves like downward dog, or tree, you need to take a few things into consideration. 

To prepare for class, please use the following guidelines:
-Wear comfortable clothing, and lightweight blanket to use during deep relaxation;
- Do not eat anything heavy two hours before your yoga practice. If you must eat something, eat a piece of fruit or something very light; 
- For the beginning student, please remember to go at your own pace—a pace that suits your flexibility and endurance. As you feel more comfortable with the exercises, begin to practice as often as you can. There is no pressure in Yoga to push the body too far; there should be no pain or discomfort. Remember: Do what you can, that will be perfect!
-Classes are appropriate for all levels of experience. Flexibility is not required—but will increase with these classes and your own practice. Relax and relieve stress with my method of Yoga Integral through the use of controlled breathing, postures, movements and sounds,
-Each yoga session last 1,1/2 hours and will focus on breath techniques, asanas (postures), increasing flexibility, and stress relief through deep relaxation and meditation. You will learn to focus your mind and body to create inner harmony and good health.

Beyond price considerations, think about yoga as an opportunity to do something nice for yourself, and good for you. Once you get into the studio or classroom, prepare for a yoga class by opening up to not just the physical exercise of yoga, but also its spiritual side. Being mentally prepared can increase your satisfaction with the yoga experience. 

Welcome to Yogavita, do not miss my 10-day-private-yoga-seminar ! Get in touch with me to know more about my yoga school, classes, and private yoga seminar. Namaste !